Am/Cdn Ch Craigdale and the Sundance Kid

1980 -1993
Breeder : Dale Hunter
Owned / Handled and Loved by Garda Johnstone

# 1 Group Winner in Canada and Top Bichon in B.C in 1983 - 1985

Believe in Ghost?

If Kid had his way , you would

Kid was owned, loved and cherished by Garda Johnstone, he was the light of her life and all-time favourite Bichon, and when Kidd passed away.......well it's something Garda has never totally gotten over. But Kid always had a quirky sense of humour, even for a Bichon. Since his passing, strange things have happened around Garda's home over the years......the anniversary of this death, his picture fell of the wall...and this picture is very securely hung.....on his birthday, the picture falls off the wall....again.......his favourite toy mysteriously appears in the middle of the living room floor.....and Garda has woken in the middle of the night and swears that Kidd was laying beside her with his chin resting on her neck......and many other strange Kid happenings


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