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Dale Hunter
Victoria ,BC Canada

Puppy Inquiry Questionnaire

The use of this form will make it easier with my record keeping of Puppy Inquiries. If I should have puppies available there will be follow-ups with phone calls and visits. Puppies placed in Aproved homes only!

If you are seriously inquiring about a Bichon puppy!

Just complete this form. Click on Submit when ready to send.


Street address
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The Boxes below are expanadable, so you're welcome to be "talkative"

Tell me about yourself. How many members in your Family and ages of children.

Have you been owned by a Bichon before, or any other breed?...If so....For how long and what has happened to them? And why do you want a Bichon?

Have you given a great deal of thought about acquiring a Bichon? Are you familiar with the breed? .....You realize that Bichons are a house dog that are high maintence in coat care? Your Preference : male or female. Other Comments

To futher your education on the Bichon be sure to visit this Link page

You may also print this page to snail mail to other breeders or use these questions to send an e-mail to others who may have a puppy available to approved homes.

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Last updated Jan 20, 2002

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