Am/Cdn Ch Craigdale Sevillana's

Born May 12 1994, OFA, CERF
Breeder: Dale Hunter
Owner: Dale Hunter

Owner/handled, "Anna" took Best of Winners and Best Opposite at the BFC of Puget Sound 1996
and Best in Sweeps the year before at the BFC of PS in 1995


Am/Cdn. Ch Dove-Cotes White Tornado Am Ch. Dove-Cote's Mr. Magoo Am Ch Whitegold Razzberry Jubilee
Am Ch Dove-Cote's Emily Doggenson
Am Ch Dove-cotes Poise N' Ivory Am Ch Sumarco Alaafee Top Gun
Am Ch Pere Jacques of Dove-Cote
Am/Cdn Ch Craigdale Yoannewyn Carmen (picture) Yoannewyn Cap't Barnstaple Sulyka Puzzle ( GRB)
Cdn Ch Sulyka Pandora (GRB)
An/Cdn Ch Kibbet's Craigdale Joy (picture) Am Ch Alpenglow Ashley Du Chamour
Am Ch Chamour Sable du Chaminade

Lady / Classy / Flute / Kidd / Oliver / Ole` / Bogie / Arriba / Jessica / Winston / Bill / Treston / Lil / Devon / Joy / Scarlet / Norman / Lordy / Carmen / Dorothy / Anna / Magi / Toro / Taylor / Carmen / Chico / Dancer

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