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Meet my neighbours ,who also are my brother and sister-in-law and nephew

Much as like a blues may reach your soul, flamenco music is like a great fragrance that once opened it permeates the room and transports you into a different realm.
Flamenco music comes from the soul, and there are many varieties of flamenco, from the cante jondo (the Deep Song) to bulerias (about thirty different varieties in all) Some could tear your soul to shreds; others could bring you ecstatic ebullience. The ideal in flamenco is called "duende" (demon or elf), which refers to a state of emotional involvement, of group communication at a deeper level and a feeling of sympathy, between musicians, dancers and listeners.

Flamenco is about two hundred years old and it is known worldwide as a Spanish folklore music. The four basic types of flamenco are: the "tonas" which are the oldest, the "soleá", the dramatic "seguiriya", and the "tangos".


Flamenco since its origins has been deeply rooted in the talent and experiences of the gypsies from all over Andalucia mainly, and to a lesser extent from other areas of the Iberian peninsula. The lyrics of flamenco treat any imaginable theme, from up to date stories, to politics, to love, to history, to humor, and so on.

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